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افضل واتساب بلس محدث | تحميل zlwhatsapp واتس زلزال رابط تنزيل مباشر

اقوى نسخة واتس اب في العالم - تحديث جديد واتس  zlmods اب زلزال برابط مباشر مديافاير zlwhatsapp

update zlwhatsapp 2024 APK plus
تحديث واتس اب زلزال 

ZLWhatsApp واتساب zlmods الزلزال is distinguished from all other developed versions of WhatsApp plus with many advantages, and there are many superstitious and distinctive additions on it.

Dear visitor, we download zlmods a regular update for WhatsApp Zelzal zlwhatsapp , and every update and new version is added to distinctive features and touches.

تحديث واتساب اخر اصدار zlmods تنزيل التحديث الجديد 

استخدام تطبيق واتساب اصبح شيء روتيني واساسيات في حياتنا اليومي، وقد نحتاج مميزات اضافية عند استخدام افضل واتساب ، لذا واتس اب الزلزال يوفر للجميع تجربة استخدام مريحة ومميزة جدا.

دائمآ نبحث عن الشيء الجديد والمميز وكثير من الاشخاص يحب التميز والاشياء الابداعية ، فمثلا قد يمل الشخص من شكل واتساب بلس الاخضر لخلوة من مؤثرات صوتية و شكل كلاسيكي.

لذا نحب استخدام نسخة مطورة مثل واتساب الزلزال الذي يحتوي على لمسات ابداعية و ايضا يتي كل تحديث بشيء جديد وميزة جديدة ويستطيع المستخدم التواصل مع المطور لكي يضيف ما يحتاجة المستخدمة من اضافات واتساب و تسهيلات حسب رغبة المستخدم.

هذا سبب حب الكثير لواتساب بلس زلزال، وانا شخصيآ احب تجربة استخدام الزلزال واتساب ويكون ممتع استخدام تطبيق واتس الزلزال zlwhatsapp apk.

رابط تحميل التحديث الأخير لواتساب الزلزال رقم الاصدار 32

Link to download the latest update from WhatsApp zlwhatsapp the new version

Download ZLWhatsApp apk v32

تحميل واتساب الزلزال المحدث 32.00 جديد

Update ZLWhatsApp APK mods

Telegram channel ZLWhatsApp

Download and update zlwhatsapp Plus latest version zlwhatsapp plus

This is an article about the latest update and download of WhatsApp web Zelzal to open more than one WhatsApp web account on your phone, which is WhatsApp plus next to the official WhatsApp ZL 
. It contains developed features, and it is also a safe and anti-ban version.

واتس الزلزال النسخة الحديثة من الواتس المطور زلزال

Update ZL WhatsApp ZLMods

New additions to  ZLWhatsApp apk 2024

  • [Add] Open more than one ZL Whats Apk account easily, such as Telegram. 
  • [Add] Customize automatic media download for each chat. 
  • [Add] New options for downloading cases (copy the text with a picture, share, etc...). 
  • [Add] The option of self-hide messages. 
  • [Added] Change the voice on ZLWhatsApp plus to change the sound (conversation screen options by clicking on the three dots in the corner of the screen and then changing the sound).  You can hide it without accepting it..
  • [Add] A confirmation message before sending the sticker.
  • [Add] Option to delete the downloaded emoji packages.
  • [Add] A circle next to the name on the home page to see who is online now.
  • [Add] A blue tick has been added when replying  On groups (it is automatically enabled using a normal blue tick in the reply option). 
  • [Add] Activate the theme via the ZIP file. 
  • [Add] Copy part of the text by selecting on the desired message and then options and then copy part of the text.
  • [Add] Advanced search  {You can search with a search test for (image, 'animation, video', document, 'links', audio clip)}. 
  • [Add] An option within the archived messages to show new archived messages within the list of archived messages.
  • [Add] Long press on the content of the story to copy the content.

To download WhatsApp  version v31

Download WhatsApp++ and WhatsApp+2 ZLWhatsApp

Download the new zlwhatsapp apk download

Download ZLWhatsApp-plus

channel ZLWhatsApp an Telegram

New Features to ZLWhatsApp apk

  1. [Feature] Forward the message to more than 5 people.
  2. [Added] a group message for groups.
  3. [Added] Notice who viewed your status.
  4. [Added] The feature of displaying messages sent to the group for each member.
  5. [Added] Mention feature from the main screen, @ appears if someone mentions you or responds to your message in a group, @ appears on the main screen.
  6. [Added] Auto reply feature.
  7. [Added] The feature of scheduled messages.
  8. [Added] The VPN proxy proxy feature for countries where WhatsApp plus communication is prohibited. You can turn on the VPN and connect with ease.
  9. [Added] Effects feature in WhatsApp+2 Home screen effects and chats scrolling.
  10. [Added] The feature of changing the duration and location of a notification (see your status / change his profile picture) either above, in the middle or at the bottom of the screen.
  11. [Added] The feature of changing the font color and background of a notification (see your status / change his profile picture).
  12. [Added] The feature of knowing the admin person in the group by displaying the word admin next to his number in the conversation screen.
  13. [Add] an item to clear WhatsApp++ remnants as it was in the old format and add all the items of the old design.
  14. [Added] The feature of choosing the case that you want the other person to know that you have seen.
  15. [Added] An exclusive feature to change the status background color, change the status font color, and add new status fonts and status ready styles.

How to download WhatsApp plus from the official website

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 تحميل واتساب الزلزال الاصدار 32.0.0

Update ZL WhatsApp Mods

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